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GOB is a deeply immersive basketball sim game designed to challenge your coaching acumen instead of your button-mashing ability.

Test your skill against other coaches as you set your lineup and fine-tune your game plan.


Then watch the PvP match unfold in our simulated game engine. And because GOB is blockchain-enabled, the winner of each match will earn on-chain assets with in-game utility and real-world value

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Every Player Is Unique

Each player in GOB has his own set of twelve attributes including Scoring, Shooting, Inside Defense, Outside Defense, Passing, Rebounding, and more. These attributes determine ​each player's level of talent and unique skill set.

And each player in the game is represented by a collectible card. Get multiple cards to "level up" your players and increase their attributes. And you choose which attributes to increase so you can build your squad to match your coaching style.

It's up to you as the coach to develop your players, set an optimal lineup and pair your lineup with the right game plan to out-wit and out-coach your opponent. 


See an early version of GOB's game engine.

GOB In-Game Assets

Player Cards


Gold-Foil Cards


Leader Cards


$GEEK Token

GEEK COINv2b.png

Player cards are the heart of Geeked-Out Basketball.

Every player card is an NFT. You can level up your cards and increase your player's attributes through a process we call "combining & burning". 

"Combining & burning" will increase the attributes of your player card NFT, thus increasing his talent and the likelihood you'll win more games and earn more assets.

You can buy player card packs on our website (each pack has 5 cards). You can also earn cards in-game.

Every player and leader card will have a gold-foil version.

These are super-rare cards that increase your rate of earning and provide other bonuses within the game. 

In addition to setting your lineup for each game, you'll also get to choose one Leader.

The leader can be a coach, scout, cheerleader or other professional that will add special bonus buffs and debuffs to your squad.

You can level up your Leader cards the same way you level up your Player cards. By "combining & burning." 

Set to launch in 2024, the $GEEK token will be the in-game token that will be the lifeblood of the GOB economy.

This token will be loaded with utility and offer you special access to the most curated components of game.

Understanding GOB's economy and the role of the token will not be necessary to play the game. But the economy will be the "game within the game" for our most hardcore coaches.

GOB will have other on-chain assets with in-game utility including playbook tokens, arenas (our version of land), special training boosters, special uniforms, and more. 


We're in this for the long haul. 

The game has seven modes that will cater to various preferences and will be launched at different stages over the development cycle.



Q1, 2024

Launch Campaign Mode and Card Pack Sales -- campaign mode and our genesis card collection launch will allow users to get a leg up on the competition by beginning to build their rosters and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each player.

Q2, 2024

Launch PvP & Training modes -- these two modes are the heart of GOB gameplay. Users will be able to train and develop their players to build the type of squad they want to coach. And they can compete against other users in our live PvP matching tool to compete in an attempt to earn rating points and cryptocurrency.

Q4, 2024

Launch Tourney mode -- organize or compete in special tournaments to win on-chain assets with in-game utility.

Q1 2025

Launch Programs mode -- users can form teams with other users to form programs (our version of guilds) and compete against other programs in special events, tournaments, and showdowns to earn on-chain assets with in-game utility.

Q3, 2025

Launch Arenas -- our version of land in other web3 games. Arena owners can take full advantage of the GOB economy by renting out their facilities to other coaches to train their players. They can also host tournaments and PvP matches to earn on-chain assets. And there will be a bevy of additional in-game utility reserved for Arena owners. Special Arena roadmap will be published in Q4, 2023.

Q4, 2025

Launch Dynasty Mode -- the crown jewel of the GOB experience. Own a program outright and compete against other coaches in full dynasty mode play. Train and develop your players, recruit new players as you lose your seniors to graduation, and build your program's legacy in this true-to-life gameplay mode.

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